A total of 163 students have received the financial assistance to progress further in their academic arena, University officials said.

Vice Chancellor of Jain University, N Sundararajan said: “Jain university has chosen these based on their merits and who have scored between 80-95 per cent in the exam.

Further, these scholarships have been made available to students from other disciplines, in an effort to encourage students from all the other areas, Sundararajan added.

Anushka Agarwal, another first year B.Com student at Jain University said that there are students who even after having qualities can’t progress due to lack of opportunities. So, this kind of financial assistance encourages the students to excel further in education and also instill a competitive spirit.

Jain University, has so far spent 8.05 crore since the time of its inception as deemed university on scholarship endowments to students. With 49 PG courses and 33 UG courses, the varsity aims to cater to the need of young individuals across different disciplines.