Indore: Spreading the message of eco-friendly living, group of 15 cyclists cycled from Indore to Ujjain and spent their day exploring street food and nature in its purest form. Cyclists enjoyed riding in the morning as streets were deserted, but while returning they had to battle with traffic.

Talking about the ride, businessman Vikas Jain said, “We wish that it was possible to cycle through the city at any given time, but that is not possible without cycling tracks.”

He said that most of the trip was smooth, except they wished that at least cycle stands were available in the city. “We buy expensive cycles and parking them is a major issue since there are no stands in the city,” Jain said.

He added that they had to look for tree shades to park their bikes, which was a nuisance. “Cycle stands are basic facilities that government should provide,” Jain said.

Talking about inspiring and spreading their green cycling message, lawyer Nitin Bhati said that people are inspired by cyclists, and often share admiration for their efforts to save the environment.

“People on the way asked us about our gear and cycles, which is encouraging,” Bhati said. He added that some people even requested to take pictures with the ‘environment saviours’.