Published On: Tue, Mar 14th, 2017

India’s first transgender principal seeks spiritual answers in love for Lord Krishna

The first transgender principal of the country is now busy taking the lessons of love. On this Valentine’s Day, Manobi Bandyopadhyay was busy spending time in seeking spiritual answers in love for Lord Krishna. Manobi now claims herself to be Meera in search of Krishna. Manobi, decodes the spelling of Meera as “Me in this era”. Dancing and singing various hymns in praise of lord Krishna, Manobi is one of the most popular transgender who has been fighting for their rights for more than two decades. It has been 14-year-long wait for her – since she was separated from her partner in 2003 – that Manobi is in search of her eternal love, which she finally found in Lord Krishna.

Manobi says, “Meera’s has a ‘me’ in it and Krishna is our God. The word talks about my wait for Krishna. Meera is ‘me’ in this ‘era’. I believe I will reach him after this life, Meera got to spend lesser time with Krishna than Radha. And that is how she became Meera.”

Manobi, has fought for living a life the way she wants and the way she is.

Whatever the language be, she said it is enough for her to express love for her deity. “If I ever get an option to play either the Radha or the Meera, I will choose the latter because her love is unrecognised.”

She further explains “I love Krishna so much that I can see him in my sub-conscious mind. I see him playing the flute, and I fall asleep. I have a huge collection of songs on Krishna, written by Tagore and Nazrul.” “My life, soul and heart belong to him (Krishna). It has been 14 years that I transformed into a woman. I am in search of Krishna.

For her it is like a 14-year exile coming to an end with the realisation. “My transformation is “My transformation is also a love story.

“I keep on searching for Lord Krishna because he is the one, who showed me light amid darkness of negativity that had surrounded me,” Manobi said. Her unconditional love has now got a voice with ears lent to her as well.

“I have struggled a lot but I am extremely thankful to the Supreme Court for its verdict which made the lives of people like us easier and more comfortable than before,” Manobi concludes.

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