Published On: Tue, Mar 14th, 2017

Indians Require A Visa To Visit This Durga Temple

Every year in the month of March, many Hindus visit the Hinglaj Shaktipeeth to pray and get rid of their sins of past life. It is the place where Sati’s head fell, making it a prominent site of worship. However, a surprising thing about visiting this shrine is that you would require a passport and visa. Yes, this Shaktipeeth is not located in India, but across the border in Pakistan.
Situated around 250 km from the city of Karachi, this shrine is called Hinglaj, and comes under the Balochistan province. Baloch is a minority community in Pakistan, and they have taken care of this shrine for many centuries now. That’s the main reason why it is still protected in the fundamentalist state of Pakistan.
Another interesting feature of this shrine is that it is located inside a cave, and even Muslims come to pay their tribute here.

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