Published On: Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

IIT Madras Incident – The truth which mainstream media will never tell you

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The incident at IIT Madras in which a PhD scholar was attacked for consuming beef has erupted uproars in the mainstream media. While the incident has created mixed reactions among the people from different parts of the country, what really happened is being reported partially favoring a particular student, R Sooraj. He has been spreading venom against another student, Manish, who allegedly attacked him according to the mainstream media.

So, we interacted with few eye witnesses of the incident in IIT Madras in order to narrate our viewers about what really happened on that day.

Following the order passed by the central government which banned the sale of cows for slaughter, communists, congress and other opposition organisations conducted beef fests at different parts of the country to show their protest.

The Ambedkar Periyar circle, of which the PhD scholar R Sooraj is a part of, conducted a beef fest on Sunday night in the premises of IIT Madras. While this incident created huge uproars of condemning across different parts of the country, the event was considered as success by the members of Ambedkar Periyar circle.

A few days after this incident, on Tuesday, Sooraj was seen eating in the Jain mess. The Mess in the IIT Madras do not serve non-vegetarian food and have separate counter for the Jain community. During summer vacation time the Jain mess and the North Indian mess are combined as Jain people are less in numbers but the counter for them remain distinct. Only students who opted for Jain food are allowed to eat on Jain counter.

Sooraj was not a registered member of Jain food but was having food at the Jain counter.

Manish asked him you were having beef in the Beef Fest on sunday and today you are eating in the Jain mess. To this Sooraj replied that, “I can eat at wherever I feel like to eat (though this is not allowed).”

“Yes I will eat beef which is meat of your gau mata and if there be need then will also cut you into pieces and eat you.”

This got them into argument and then they started debating. Sooraj forcefully twisted the hand of the Manish, To safeguard himself Manish pushed him back which led him to slip on the wet surface and hurt his eye by hitting on the dining table. Both of them got seriously injured and were rushed to the Institute hospital,  They were referred to hospital.

Sooraj whose eye was injured in the fight. Image source:

While the bruises on the face of Sooraj was visible and it got highlighted Manish suffered grevious internal injury in his right hand. Manish is admitted to a Hospital where he has to undergo surgery to fit steel in his right hand which got severely damaged. He was about to submit his thesis which now would have to be postponed.

While the mainstream media is covering the attack on Sooraj and portraying him as a victim, the truth turns out to be something very different as it always does. Sooraj and his friends are the real aggressors here. They are being portrayed as victims and given all the limelight. The real victim, Manish, who is undergoing a surgery for inquiring about an act of hypocrisy of Sooraj is being portrayed as the villain of this incident by the main stream media.

Chief Minsiter of Kerala Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan in his facebook post has urged the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Sri. Edappadi K Palaniswami to protect the scholars of IIT Madras. It must be noted that while none of the murders of RSS workers in Kerala including the mysterious death of Kollam Councilor Smt. S Kokila has seen any arrests or action being taken to prevent such incidents. But the Chief Minister of Kerala is busy investigating the video being spread in social media as the brutality of communists in the state or urging the Chief Minister of other states to protect their people.

Pinarayi Vijayan urging Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to protect the PhD scholars in his state

This incident is a result of arguments between two individuals in a campus, that has resulted into a fight. This is not an ideological battle between two political parties or any student unions as being projected by the main stream media. Are we going to keep falling for such lies and hypocrisy of mainstream media or are we going to investigate the truth and find out the actual truth?

We as a responsible Media House condemn violence of any sort but we suggest that Main Stream Media houses should not project stories with such partiality. We also request Politicians not to politicize this issue as a Right Wing Vs Left Wing battle but rather help students in resolving their conflicts peacefully.

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