Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2017

Idols placed in two new temples

Jaipur: The district administration has placed the idols in new temples following the rituals a day after demolition the two temples which was obstructing the construction of Jaipur Metro Phase (I) B.

One temple which was situated at Phool Walon ka Khanda at south east of Badi Chaupar metro station was shifted to Tanwarji Ka Nohra, close to the Badi Chauper area. It was temple of Mataji, Hanumanji and Mahadevji.

Another temple of Mahadevji and Ganeshji called as Ganesh Shivalaya was also be shifted from Badi Chaupar’s south east area to a place behind Manak Chowk police station.

The police had also used mild force to disperse the protesters during the operation. The protest was erupted after the idols were transported in the autorickshaw. “Following the Hindu rituals, these temples were shifted. The idols of these temples were placed on Thursday as per the auspicious time,” said a district administration official.

The Metro phase 1(B) is all set to miss its March 2018 deadline. Work on 2.349-km project in Walled City has been delayed due to various reasons. However, the prime cause of delay is due to design change of two underground stations.

Now, the project is expected to be completed by June 2018. “The JMRC has to relocate five more temples falling on the route. The corporation was planning to start the relocation work by December 15. However, it missed the deadline . Three more temple would remain on route after shifting two temples . It is expected the work will not be completed as per revised deadline,” said a senior official source.

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