The contents of high school history books in ICSE are just shocking. They are full of glorification for the Nehru-Gandhi family, factually wrong, and against Hindus. Amit Thandani has taken the pain of exposing these people. Here are his series of Tweets:


Romila Thapar is one of the most biased and anti-Hindu historians. She even went to the extent of supporting Umar Khalid and Khaniyya Kumar for aiming to divide and finish India. Do our children have to be forced to read from books which praises such biased people?

As the new HRD Minister, Prakash Javdekar should take steps to abolish such defunct and nonsensical books and save our children from further damage.


Source: ICSE HISTORY BOOK: Every Indian Should DIE Of SHAME After Reading Its Contents – Jagruk Bharat