Published On: Sun, Mar 5th, 2017

Holi-proof your skin organically | The Hans India

Bringing a customised skincare regime into play before Holi, can go a long way in keeping your skin free of damage and stains, says an expert.

Garima Singh, Research and Development Manager at Organic Harvest, lists some measures that should be taken.

* Lip care: For soft luscious lips post-Holi, it’s essential to take certain necessary precautionary steps.

Coat your lips with a thick protective layer of lip balm which heroes either shea butter or pomegranate. Shea butter locks dampness and prevents lips from drying out while pomegranate is known for its rich, natural moisturising quality.

Either way both are great go-to ingredients that protect the skin from toxic colours seeping in through the cracks while keeping them well-nourished at the same time.

Hair care: To avoid dealing with damaged hair after the festival, invest on good organic hair oil for protection.

Scan for oils with ingredients like clary sage and essential oils juniper berry that are known for strengthening hair and leaving behind a calming effect.

Elements like rosemary and essential oil basil are also great picks to avoid hair fall. Make sure you massage the chosen oil on the scalp and along the length of the hair to avoid the colour staying behind and making it brittle.

You can also braid your hair or roll them into a bun right after oiling to ensure minimal damage by reducing the area exposed to colours.

* Skin care: A high SPF sunscreen is an absolute must have, that needs to be applied before you enter the colour mayhem. Preferably 60 SPF, the sunscreen must be water-resistant and contain the wonder ingredient Tamarind in it.

Loaded with antioxidants, tamarind protects your skin from hazardous radicals. It also is known to have enzymes, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids that remove dead skin cells.

This will provide both hydration and smoothness and alongside protect the skin from the harshness of the chemicals. Make sure you use a generous amount of cream and get it all over your body to combat the harmful effects of the UV-A and UV-B rays.

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