Published On: Wed, Jul 27th, 2016

High-tech kawaraiyas connecting with friends and family through smartphones – Times of India

ALLAHABAD: Keeping abreast with technology, kawariyas covering miles of distance and performing jalabhishek of lord Shiva at state’s prominent temples, including Kashi Vishwanath in Varanasi and Padila Mahadeo in Tharwai, are in staying in touch with family, friends and other groups on social networking sites and popular massing apps.Interestingly, kawariyas especially those belong to same village block or even districts have formed whatsapp groups to share ideas, and information with each other. Those who have left villageblock or district first, have turned guides for fellow kawariyas and are exchanging and updating information on Whatsapp groups for convenience of each other.

Apart from road map, list of resting place, eminent eateries, facilities, programme schedule and photographs are being shared on the popular messaging app with friends and families. Kaushambi resident, Surendra says “Kawariyas too benefit from the technological revolution and are connected with each other on WhatsApp, FaceBook and other apps. He further added ” apart from sharing and spreading spirituality, we are also guiding each other for relevant information’.

Soraon resident, Munna says “In this technological era, everyone is well versed with latest mobile apps’. We are well connected with our families and sharing photographas with each other. Cut off physically with the outside world during their long “religious tour” in the ongoing Shrawan month, kawariyas have found social media and whatsapp as potential tool to know about happenings taking around them.

They are also spending considerable time on internet for updates and even installed maps to find out short routes for their destinations. “Exchanging messages and inquiring about the wellbeing of each other has become quite handy now,” said Somnath, adding, “about 12-a14 boys of my Sirathu village are well-connected with each other,” he added.

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