Published On: Sat, Sep 3rd, 2016

Here’s why this Hanuman temple was decorated with Rs 11 lakh currency notes | The Indian Express

Daan and dakshina – offerings of cash and kind – is a common practice in India. From money to gold, Hindu temples in the country has a long legacy of such offerings. Many believe that such offerings bring in luck and fulfil wishes asked of the almighty. The greater the wish, the amount and value of the offering increases accordingly, and certainly, to ask for a boost to entire country’s economy, the value couldn’t be small.

Yes, inflation in the country has been kept at a check, and the rupee has certainly evolved as one of the most stable currencies in the world — all by God’s grace. If you were thinking of the government, the RBI governor Raghuran Rajan or even the various industries, then your gratitude would be all misplaced. Just so you know!

So, to show their gratitude, Vadodara residents decorated a Hanuman temple with Indian currency notes worth Rs11 lakh on the last Saturday in the Hindu holy month of Saawan (August 26). The extravagant decoration was done in an attempt to show gratitude to God for the stable Indian economy and the growth in the country’s currency.

This is not the first time this gala exhibit was done in this temple; last year it was decorated with currency worth Rs7 Lakh. The tradition to deck the temple with currency notes started three years ago, said Rakesh Patel, one of the organisers who started the decoration at the temple, in an interview with ANI.

The temple, Kashtbhanjandev Hanumanji Manidir, is located in Tarsali area of the Vadodara district in Gujarat.

Devotees believe all their prayers are answered by praying to Lord Hanuman at the temple. The exhibit of currency notes definitely has increased the footfall also urging the organisers to instal security cameras around the temple premise.

Watch video here

Well, we’re not sure where all that cash goes after being used as decoration, but with the amount increasing every year, should the Gods be suitably pleased, we should be assured of a good economic growth in the coming year as well.

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