Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

Gujarat temple offers magical pen, guarantees 100% success in exam, 

Work hard to score more – that’s what we all grew up hearing. As during the exams, the success or failure of a student depends on the way he/she manages to study different sections. A student checks and rechecks the concept with the teachers just to get it clear and right. There is immense fear and tension among students during the exam and the stress to do well escalates beyond imagination. However, to pull away students from all sort of anxiety that revolves during the examination, Kashthabhanjan Temple located in Gujarat’s Panchmahal district has come up with a ‘magical pen’! Yes, you got it right, the temple claims in the leaflet that the pen has divine properties as it was obtained after performing a Hanuman Saraswati Yagya, reported by India Today.

The leaflets mention in the Gujarati language, the way out of one’s distress that comes from the name of exams. The magic pen is set at a whopping price of Rs 1,900. Not only this, the makers of the pen sets also assure that the entire amount would be returned if the student does not pass his/her examinations.

The leaflet also features a photograph of the incredible inventor of the ‘Magical Pen’ and mentions ‘100 per cent guarantee’ in bold letters at the top of the handbill. The authorities have also ensured that the invention does not fall into the wrong hands. A note in the handbill also mentions prerequisites to buy the pen set, the student needs to submit a mobile number, exam receipt, a photocopy of hall ticket and a copy of school/college ID.

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