In a bid to justify the cause of ‘Gau Raksha,’ the Gujarat Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Boards quoted Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad promoting the cause. In a publication titled ‘Gau Vandana-Karya Sarita’ on the official website list a series of quotes of important celebrities emphasising the importance of cow.

In one of these quotes can be spotted, Jesus Christ saying, “Killing of cow progeny is a sin equalling the killing of a human being.” While Prophet Muhammad’s quote, “Respect cows because she is the best in all animals. Cow’s milk and ghee are like elixir. Beef consumption is a major cause of diseases” can also be seen on the page.

Mufti Abdul Qayyum Haque, general secretary of Jamiat-E-Ulma-I-Hind’s Gujarat chapter while refuting the proclamation said that Prophet would not even have seen a cow in his lifetime.

TOI reports him saying that were there any cows in Arabia where the Prophet lived. Haque asserted that people associated with gau-raksha iften misquote people.

While on the issue of Jesus talking of cow killing, Father F Durai, principal of St Xavier’s Loyola Hall high school said that the former must have spoken about compassion towards animals and not necessarily cow.

Snubbing the above two, Vallabh Kathiria, chairman of cow welfare board said that the quotes from both the eminent personalities was taken from authentic sources in order to convey a message against beef consumption.