Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2016

First ‘white paper’ on Simhastha-2016 comes in public domain

Ujjain : Like previous occasions, critical examination of Simhastha preparations and arrangements has begun, for this Mahaparva as well. But, interestingly, first such introspection has come from none other than the Simhastha Fair Authority (SFA) chairman Diwakar Natu.

Since, he has counted several shortcomings in the arrangements through his publication—‘Mere Apne Anubhav’, his stance has been termed as ‘first’ white paper of the Simhastha-2016.

Natu, who has been serving as SFA chairman since June 14, 2005, remained in lime light during past couple of years for his letter war. He wrote several letters to different authorities with regard to Simhastha arrangements. Directly or indirectly, he also expressed annoyance over his neglect by the administration and the government, as well. Basically an educationist, Natu is a veteran RSS leader and a former city BJP president.

Soon after completion of the Simhastha on May 21, Natu invited prominent BJP leaders, peoples’ representatives, senior officials and the media persons and released his book, ‘Mere Apne Anubhav’. Now, this book is attracting attention not because of the appreciations, but due to various issues which he has raised. Detailing his activities, Natu reminded that despite his continuous efforts the arrangements were not up to the mark.

In his 30-page book, Natu noted that policy of entry passes brought bad name. He observed that dominance of government machinery and lackadaisical attitude of the administrative officers gave rise to various speculations in the public domain. He also lashed out at sanitation, crowd management, water, security and shop allotment mismanagements. There was a lack of coordination among the officers and some were given additional works, felt he.

Source: First ‘white paper’ on Simhastha-2016 comes in public domain – Free Press Journal

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