Published On: Wed, Mar 23rd, 2016

Farooq Abdullah bats for women’s entry in all temples

Jammu: Hailing the celebration of Holi by widows in Vrindavan, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday said all temples must be opened for women to enter.

“I think this is a great thing that temples are opening up for women. They are a part of this nation and if you want women’s empowerment, then it is vitally important that all temples must be opened to women,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a function here.

More than a thousand widows in Vrindavan broke from tradition to celebrate Holi at an ancient temple in the Uttar Pradesh town.

Describing it as a “wonderful thing”, the National Conference leader and former Union minister said, “I think we all should be proud that this is happening. It is a great thing and India is moving forward in a positive manner.”

On the terror attack in Brussels, he said the world should unite to fight the menace of terrorism.

“The world has realised that terrorism is the greatest threat. When we were telling them that terrorism is a factor that will affect you, they did not believe us. Today, those words must be vibrating in their ears.

“The threat to this world is the terrorist and a terrorist has no religion, he has one aim… to only pick a target and blow it up,” he said, adding that the world “must get together and form a united front to fight terrorists”.

Replying to a question on the indication of the end of the deadlock in government formation between BJP and PDP, he said, “There should be a positive outcome. We have been waiting for so many months for them to form the government. We hope they will form the government”.

Asked what he feels about the government that would be formed in the state, he said, “They will form the government; whether it will be good or bad ask me after one year.”

On the statement by Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav that cricket was a “slave’s game”, he said that sports should be seen as sports.

“I don’t think I need to mention the name, but I think sport is sport whether it’s cricket, golf, tennis, hockey or any other game and we are proud Indians that we have an excellent (cricket) team and we hope that we will win the present World T20 tournament,” he said.

Farooq Abdullah bats for women’s entry in all temples | Zee News.

Source: Farooq Abdullah bats for women’s entry in all temples

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