• Dr Tribhuwan Singh

What Dravida means as per sanskrit Texts?

Amarkosha the elitest and unquestionable dictionary tells that Dravida means – Dhana-Bala-Parakram, that is wealth power and valour.

And Adi Shankara wrote in his book Mathamnyaya Mahanushasana that geographical area of south India i.e. Keral, Karnatic, Andhra and Dravida (today’s Tamilnadu) comes under Shringeri Math.

How a geographical state of a nation and virtues like wealth, power and Valor can be a racial Concept.

It was missionaries and Christian British officers, who concocted and propagated the story that Sanskrit is not mother of Tamil language. Tamil have roots in Language of Jesus that is Hebrew.

So that they can be separated from Rest of Hindu land and could be pushed towards Christiandom.

Later on they propagated and got it stablished that all vernacular south Indian languages have no connection with Sanscrit and they had roots in Hebrew, the language of Son of God that is Jesus.

They called the group of this language as Dravidian_Language.

That fraud and concocted theory is still prevelant in Tamilnadu and South India.

Result is in front of your eyes. Christiandom have digested south India.