Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2016

Cow urine, dung can give eternal beauty, claims Gauseva Board

As part of its endeavour to protect cows, the Gujarat Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board has advised women to give up chemical cosmetics and maximise the use of cow urine, dung and milk products to get eternal beauty like that of Egyptian queen Cleopatra. As per ‘Aarogya Geeta’, a detailed advisory published on the official website of the Board, ‘panchagavya’ (gaumutra- cow urine) treatment is the best medicine in the whole world for women to get naturally glowing skin.

The advisory lists several remedies for women to get rid of pimples and hair related problems by using panchagavya. “Beauty products, such as soap, cream and powder, are made of chemicals, which ultimately take away the natural charm from the skin. There is no other remedy in the world as good as panchagavya. Application of cow milk, ghee, urine and dung on the body and face would give a natural glow,” said a chapter dedicated to gaumutra treatment for preserving women’s eternal beauty.

Making a strong pitch about its claims, the advisory gave example of Cleopatra’s much talked about beauty. “Gaumutra treatment would remove dark circles, black spots and pimples. Panchagavya face treatment will give you long lasting beauty and glowing skin. Egyptian queen Cleopatra was the most beautiful woman in the world. She used to bath in milk,” says the advisory, without clearly mentioning if it was cow milk.

According to the Board’s chairman Vallabh Kathiria, this is just an example to make women understand the benefits of cow urine, dung and milk. “Some records suggest that Cleopatra used to bathe in cow milk to get eternal beauty. We want women to understand the benefits of cow milk, urine and dung to get such beauty instead of damaging their skin by using artificial beauty products made of harmful chemicals,” Kathiria said.

Apart from providing natural beauty to women, gaumutra can help in the treatment of almost all major diseases, including cancer, asthma, paralysis, AIDS and heart problems, the advisory claims. “Gaumutra is a holistic and natural medicine which can cure around 108 different diseases. We are sure that cow-therapy would become the most popular way of treatment in the 21st century. Even the scientists from western world admitted that cow is a perfect science and total laboratory,” the Aarogya Geeta stated.

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