Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

Chronicling Vedas through dance | Business Standard

Vedas are one of the oldest literary works in the world where the Indian religion bases its teachings and principles. There cannot be anything more stunning than witnessing these tales in the form of dance.

An upcoming dance show titled, ‘The Vedas: Eko Ham Bahu Shyam’ will showcase the different aspects of the Vedic culture and lifestyle as Vedas are the scriptures of ultimate knowledge that show the path to purge negative past karmas and fulfill all human desires while maintaining the harmony in society.

The show will be organised by Rays of Wisdom Society and the Ministry of Culture at The Ashok, Chanakyapuri, here on March 18 in an attempt to bring Vedic knowledge to the general public through an interesting medium-Dance.

It will depict the nature and philosophy of Vedas, human desires, the ashram system and the realization of the ultimate truth- that is advaita – in Odissi and Gotipua Dance Styles.

“The word Veda is derived from Vidya meaning knowledge. On the one hand, it propagates spiritual life and on the other, it teaches the ways of life to fulfil all human desires while living in this world,” the founder of Rays of wisdom Society Reela Hota said.

“Today’s lifestyle has created conflict in inter personal and social relationships. The Ashram system as propagated, in the Vedas, is the ideal way but before negative qualities is crystallized,” she added.

“The show will be highlighting the material, scientific and spiritual wisdom of the Vedas and bring back Vedic living in contemporary India,” she explained.

The show will bring across the full life and community living of the child in the ancient vedic gurukul, so important for the building of a strong and humble human being.

The dance style, Grihasta will depict the importance of a woman’s emotions. Through Nitya Karma, power of mantras and respect for the environment will be touched upon.

In Sannyas, there will be a depiction of the last phase of life.



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