Published On: Fri, Aug 12th, 2016

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University to teach Science through Vedas

What if you got to know that some of the technological advancements and medical advancements were actually invented thousands of years ago, Sound strange! But, yes. According to Indian texts, many of advanced discoveries we know about today already existed in the past. We Indians should know about that and try to enlighten the society to make India proud. The same attempt is being made at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University, Bhopal.

Engineering students of the University will be now taught about ancient texts like the Vedas, the writings of bygone-era mathematician Bhaskaracharya and sage scientist Acharya Kanad. The curriculum to teach about sub ancient engineering would be in Hindi. The main reason behind this is to realize the importance of Indian values over western.

Vice-chancellor of the university applauded this move and said, “Whenever we talk about the rich legacy of Hindu rishis and munis, people oppose it. But, it is a fact that Indian seers came out with many inventions in engineering, medical science and astronomy thousands of years ago.”

According to a university official, students are well versed with the father of atomic theory i.e. John Dalton. But in Sanskrit, Acharya Kanad was considered as the father of atomic theory. Engineering students at the university will be taught about Indian veterans which were equally important as the scientist most people know like JJ Thomson, John Dalton, Lord Kelvin, etc.

This programme will be covered under the subject, Bhartiya Gyan aur Parampara. The subject is only introduced to aware the students about the Importance of Indian history and there will be no any exam conducted on this subject.

Meanwhile, some experts opposed this move and misinterpreted as the promotion of Hinduism. According to them, this would create more confusion to students and the varsity should teach them what is scientifically proven on the international basis, not by some mythology.

But, the compendium like Charak Samhita which deals with Ayurvedic Science, clearly rebuts the claim made by these experts. There can be more possibility of some arcane subject which is in Indian mythology but never came to limelight.

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