Published On: Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

Assam celebrates Bol Bom Shravani Mela. Here is what you need to know

Bol Bam refers to pilgrimages and festivals in India and Nepal glorifying Shiva. Here are 5 things to know about the festival.

  • The months of Shrawan (July to August) is considered an auspicious period to worship Lord Shiva in the form of Pashupatinath.
  • Water from the Ganges is taken (or nearby water that eventually winds up in the Ganges) and pilgrims walk barefoot in saffron robes for 105 kms. The pilgrims are known as Kanwariyas.
  • Hindu devotees show their devotion to Lord Shiva and queue in line to offer worship and prayers. Devotees offer Bel (wood apple) leaves and water to Shiva lingam.
  • Till about 1960, the yatra was confined to a few saints, old devotees, and rich Marwaris of neighbouring cities, and the phenomenon has seen considerable rise in the recent years.
  • Once the pilgrims reach their hometown, the Ganges water is used to bathe the Shivalingam on the Amavasya (New Moon) day in Shravan month or on the Maha Shivratri day.

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