Published On: Fri, Aug 26th, 2016

American Woman Immerses Herself In Krishna Bhakti In Madhya Pradesh

Betul:  An American woman has reportedly become so devoted to Lord Krishna that she has been living in Rukmini Balaji Mandir for the last two months, immersed in ‘bhakti’ and oblivious to the world.A graphic designer from San Francisco, Angelique Boiteus, 35, has been a ‘Krishna bhakt’ since 2012, said Sheonarayan ‘Sam’ Verma, a Non-Resident-Indian (NRI) who built the Rukmani Balaji Mandir in Betul Madhya Pradesh.

According to Mr Verma, her devotion intensified over the years — much in line with the ‘Rasa’-filled tradition of Krishna bhakti in which the devotee gradually begins to view the god as his or her lover — drifting her increasingly away from her family and worldly life in the US.

“She now spends her time absorbed in her love for Krishna and doesn’t like to meet people,” Mr Verma said.

Angelique now calls herself Anjali.

The temple’s priest, Aseem Panda, said he has not known anyone else like this woman.

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