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8 reasons why Article 30 is completely Anti-Hindu – Jagrit Bharat

8 reasons why Article


At a time when the whole country is shouting out loud “intolerance”, do you think the prejudice is only against the minority classes?

If you think so, kindly avert your attention towards Article 30 of the Indian Constitution which is predominantly anti-Hindu (or, anti “majority”, can we say?).

If you are unfamiliar with this Article, here’s a brief about it—

1. To start with, how do you like the temples and other Hindu religious and educational institutions being under direct Government control while there aren’t any religious institutions of other religions that are directly controlled of the Government?

Isn’t this discrimination, to begin with? It is a discrimination that spells deprivation, despair and sheer injustice. There are two provisions in the Indian Constitution that have spelled this injustice: they are Articles 26 and 30. These two articles have been used to appropriate Hindu religious structures, denying the Hindus the freedom to run their own educational institutions – a privilege enjoyed by all the non-Hindu communities.

Reasons Article 30 Is Completely Anti Hindu_1

2. According to the Article 30 (1) of Indian Constitution, “All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.”

While Article 30 (1A) deprives the State Governments of any right to acquire the property of a minority educational institution, Article 30 (2) debars the State to discriminate in any way against a minority educational institution.


3. Apparently, it was presumed that the Hindus (or, the majority community) were already enjoying all the rights that had been extended to the minority communities under Article 30.

However, can they show us any other provision of the Indian Constitution which protects such rights for the majority? Nowhere in the world has such great discrimination been done against the majority community as under the Indian Constitution.

Reasons Article 30 Is Completely Anti Hindu_3

4. Secularism implies a condition when there would be no interference of the State on matters of Religion.

So, do you really want to call India a secular nation, even now?

Reasons Article 30 Is Completely Anti Hindu_4

5. As a result of this partiality, even acclaimed Hindu institutions, like Ramakrishna Mission, claimed a minority status to fall under Article (30).

Can you still not notice the ridge it’s creating among the Hindus?

Reasons Article 30 Is Completely Anti Hindu_5

6. Although Swami Vivekananda preached us to take pride in Hinduism, thanks to the tremendous (anti) secular outlook of the Article 30, Ramakrishna Mission, which has its own educational institutions, claimed a minority status, and denounced its Hindu outlook.

After all, nobody would really want their high class educational institutions to be taken up by the Government, and make a ‘nothing’ out of it.

Reasons Article 30 Is Completely Anti Hindu_6

7. However, nothing comes so easy for a Hindu institution “deemed to be minority”.
Although the Calcutta High Court allowed RKM’s petition, the Supreme Court soon reversed the judgment and held that RKM was not entitled to enjoy the privileges of Article 30.

Reasons Article 30 Is Completely Anti Hindu_7

8. Likewise, there are still numerous institutions which had claimed minority educational institution status to “enjoy” the privileges of Article 30.

And, the list included a major segment of the Arya Samaj Educational Institutions.

Reasons Article 30 Is Completely Anti Hindu_8

We Demand Secularism in the Truest Sense of the Word.

Not just in pen and paper, we want a truly secular country where there would be no difference between religions. The saddest part of it all is no political party is voicing its angst against this Article 30.

However, apparently, in 1995, Syed Shahabuddin introduced “Constitution (Amendment of Article 30) Bill” in the Parliament that would extend the privileges of the Article towards all religion. But sadly, the Bill did not even reach the voting stage.

Although the Constitution of India has been amended several times since 1950, there has been no alteration in this Article that blatantly makes a minority of the Hindus. The only way out of this fiasco is to either abolish Article 30 or make it applicable to everyone.

Author: Priyanka Shah 

Published: Feb 03, 2016


8 reasons why Article 30 is completely Anti-Hindu – Jagrit Bharat.

Source: 8 reasons why Article 30 is completely Anti-Hindu – Jagrit Bharat

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