Published On: Sun, Jul 9th, 2017

Vadodara’s heritage temple to get facelift | Times of India

VADODARA: The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) is set to begin work on the historical Kashivishveshwar Mahadev temple located on the Productivity Road in the heart of the western parts of the city. The civic body will begin the work with an ornate wall and aesthetic walls.

The temple is the part of the Navnath group of Shiva temples that are believed to be the protectors of the city. The nine temples located at various locations in the city and on its outskirts are managed by temple trusts. At various stages work has been done on these temples by the temple trusts, but no formal help has come their way from the civic body or the government till recently. Sources said that during the reign of the Gaekwadi rulers of the Baroda state, these temples got patronage and some were even built or rebuilt with their help.
It was only after 2014 that the VMC started to work on the temples, but this was limited to sprucing up the surroundings of the temples. VMC had spruced up the surroundings of Kotnath Mahadev and Ramnath Mahadev temples.
The Navnath Mahadev Kavad Yatra Samiti has been conducting cleanliness drives and other minor work at various temples while the Satyam Shivam Sundaram Samiti led by MLA Yogesh Patel had extensively worked on the Jagnath Mahadev temple. At Kashivishveshwar Mahadev temple, it will be for the first time that the civic body will be taking up major work on one of these temples. The standing committee of the civic body on Thursday cleared a project to spend Rs 49.8lakh on the temple’s compound wall and gate. “These will be developed keeping in mind the existing architecture of the temple,” said VMC executive engineer Dhiren Talpada. Parallel to the work on the compound wall and the gate, the VMC is looking to finish the planning for the development to be done in the compound of the temple.
The compound of the temple was encroached badly and one had to meander through the encroachments to reach the temple. Also, some smaller temples had come up in the compound. All encroachments barring the temples were razed by the VMC recently to pave way for the development.

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