Yadadri-Bhongir: The echoing veda mantras from the surrounding temples is what defines Indrapalanagaram. Located 80 kilometres away from the capital city of Hyderabad, this places houses more than 20 temples including the ancient ones.

The ancient Pancha Kutama Shivalayam, Venkateshwara Swamy temple, Mallakarjuana Swamy temple, Anjaneya Swamy temple and Parvathi temple at the village are a must-visit for people who love ancient structures. Apart from these, there are several other temples like Ayyappa temple and Sai baba temple that have come up in the recent times. Interestingly, each community has a temple built for their kula daivam.

People residing in the village are also named after these Gods who have been a part of their life for a long time.

As per the ancient inscriptions, the village was known as Indrapuri, the capital city during the Vishnukundis’ reign. But, within no time, it all faded out leaving the temples and other historic structures in a dilapidated condition.

With the initiatives of villagers, Shivalayam in Shankaruni Gutta was revived where Maha Sivaratri celebrations are conducted in a grand scale.

Speaking to Tabloid Today, Indrapalanagaram gram sarpanch Pusala Balanarsimha said that the government should take measures to protect these ancient structures and temples. “There is a scope to provide boating facility in pedda cheruvu of the village, which is spread in 1,100 acres of area,” he added.

A villager, D Narsimha informed that people from Hyderabad and other places are coming to their village to participate in puja programmes at Muthyalamma and other temples on weekends. “Indrapalanagaram should be provided place in the tourism map by the State government that would bring recognition to the historic place,” he shared. He mentioned that the Vemulakonda Hills and Matsyagiri Narsimha Swamy temple are located near to their village which can also be developed as tourist places.