Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Tamil Nadu: 14 ancient Murthis unearthed near Thanjavur | Times Of India

THANJAVUR: A total of 14 ancient Murthis and 7 pedestals, all reportedly to be panchaloha, were unearthed while workers were digging the earth for constructing a sump on part of construction of a temple at a village near Pattukottai in Thanjavur district here on Saturday.

On information, revenue officials have taken possession of the idols and have commenced inquiry with the help of archeological department to know the actual period of the idols.

The temple authorities at Pazhanjur village near Athirampattinam in the district had decided to construct a temple dedicated to Sri Pazhamalai Nathar in 2012 and the work was in progress. On one part of the construction work, the temple authorities had planned to construct a sump to store water, both for drinking and construction purposes on the temple premises.

An earth mover was pressed into service. While digging of earth on Saturday, the driver noticed that an idol was inside the mud. Subsequently, he informed the temple authorities who in turn rushed to the spot and in the presence chairman of the temple construction committee Rangasami and members, the work continued. During the process, a total of 14 idols and 7 pedestals were discovered one by one.

The temple authorities rushed to the spot after the driver informed them about the idols and the work continued in the presence of the temple construction committee chairman Rangasami and other members.

On information, Pattukottai Revenue Divisional Officer Govindaraj, deputy superintendent of police Sengamalakannan, HR and CE executive officer Shanmugam and other revenue officials rushed to the spot and recovered all the idols.

According to the officials, the unearthed idols included four Amman, Ganesh, two Duvara Balagas, Narthana Kannan and a Natarajar and seven pedestals, chakras. Many idols were in a state of broken condition. The height of the idols were measured to be between 10 and 30 inches. A large number of villagers visited the spot and had a glimpse of the idols. Revenue officials have informed archaeological department to know about the period of idols.

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