SRIKAKULAM: In an attempt to renovate the old temples in this district, the government has allocated a fund of `2 crore and the district tourism officials handed over the project to the engineering authorities of the Sarva Siksha Abhayan (SSA).

As part of the project Gulla Seetarampuram, the temple in Santakaviti mandal, Yendala Mallikarjuna temple in Tekkkali, Sangameswara temple in Santakaviti, Neelaveni temple in Patapatanam will be renovated.

The decision was taken to develop and promote the temples in the district as tourism destinations.

The authorities have also undertaken renovation works of Teluneelapuram bird sanctuary near Tekkali and the residence of noted Telugu writer of the freedom struggle era, Garimella Satyannarayana at Priya Agraharam.

“In the first phase of the project, Gulla Seetarampuram temple, Yendala Mallikarjuna temple and Neelaveni temple have been picked up and a fund of `50 lakh has been earmarked for undertaking renovation at each temple,” says district tourism officer Narayana Rao.

The works at Yendala Mallikarnjuna temple and Neelaveni temple are likely to be completed in the next three months, while the works at Gulla Seetarampuram have started recently, says SSA divisional engineer Sugunarkar. Apart from the government funds, the locals have contributed around `1 crore for the development of Neelaveni temple.