Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

Seek blessings of Shiva and Shakti in temple complex at Bina Sangam

By Rajendra Diwe, 

Unique temple complex having ‘Ashtapinda Shivlingam’ and ‘Dash Mahavidya’ has been built by Chandrashekhar Govindrao Mudliar of city at the bank of Bina Sangam
It is an example of passion of single man to help humanity

Shri Chandrashekhar Ashtapinda Shivlingam installed in Mahamukteshwari Dham in the small village Bina in Kamptee tehsil will be a centre of attraction for the devotees of Lord Shiva soon. Bina Sangam is very famous from the ancient times as it has ancient Shiva temple since Bhonsala period on the bank of ‘Triveni Sangam’. The confluence of three rivers Kanhan, Pench and Kolar river has been considered as a very sacred place and Chandrashekhar Govindrao Mudliar has constructed the temple complex named ‘Mahamukteshwari Dham, near the ancient Shiva temple at Bina Sangam.
Chandrashekhar Mudliar, a devotee of Lord Shiva had undergone 24 years of ‘penance’ in different jungles and in different pilgrimage centres in India.
“Shri Chandrashekhar Ashtapinda Shivlingam would be the ‘Jyotirlinga’ on the earth in future. It is unique Shivlingam as it has eight pedestals which symbolises eight divine energies,” said Chandrashekhar Mudliar.
Mudliar is a resident of Ramdaspeth in city. Once he had a computer training centre named Vidya Niketan in Sadar. With the blessings of Krishna Maharaj, a disciple of Gagangiri Maharaj from Khopoli, the life of Mudliar has been changed. He left his business and went for penance for 24 years. He had purchased a land on the bank of Bina Sangam and constructed the temple complex without asking any donation from people.
Mudliar, a great devotee of Lord Shiva and Parvati had even sold his residential house and built the temple complex as guided by the divine power.
“The temple complex has been a result of my penance and contemplation. The ‘Ashtapinda Shivlingam’ has been only of its kind in the world. During penance, Lord Shiva blessed me to install the ‘Shivlingam’ in the temple. ‘Shivalingam’ consists of three parts. The bottom part which is four-sided remains underground, the middle part which is eight-sided remains on a pedestal. The top part, which is actually worshipped, is round. The height of the round part is one-third of its circumference. The three parts symbolise Brahma at the bottom, Vishnu in the middle and Shiva on the top. The pedestal is provided with a passage for draining away the water that is poured on the top. Actually, the pedestal should have eight facets. But the ‘Shivlingam’ found in the entire world had only one pedestal and seven are missing. I therefore, took an initiative to install Shivlingam having eight sided pedestal,” he added.
Chandrashekhar Mudliar has also installed ‘Dash Mahavidyas’ in the temple complex. It is named as Mahamukteshwari Dham. There are several temples of ‘Dasha Mahavidyas’ in the world, but it is the unique temple which has all ‘Dash Mahavidyas’ installed in single complex.
Talking about the importance of ‘Dasha Mahavidyas’, Mudliar stated, “Mahavidyas (Great Wisdom) or Dash-Mahavidyas are a
group of ten aspects of Adi Parashakti. These ‘Dash Mahavidyas’ have been considered as forms of divine mother Kali. People know about one form i.e. ‘Kali’, but there are ten forms. I have installed all the ten forms,that is, ‘Dash Mahavidyas’ in this temple complex.”

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