Sangareddy: The historical Sri Swayambhu Siddi Vinayaka Temple located at Rejinthal of Nyalkal mandal attracts a huge number of on the day of Angaraka Chaturdhi, which falls on February 14. Unlike, other temples, the presiding deity of Rejinthal Temple faces southwards.

Besides the idol is always remains painted with vermilion, which normally used to paint the idols of Lord Anjaneya.

The temple is believed to have been built about 210 years ago by a tourist Shivarama Panthulu, who was on a spiritual sojourn of India. According to temple legend, a thick forest surrounded the Rejinthal area two centuries ago.

Shivarama Panthulu took a brief halt to take rest for a couple of days during his pilgrimage. It was then Lord Vinayaka appeared in his dream and asked him to build a temple on a hillock located near the present Rejinthal. Later, Shivarama Panthulu went on searching for the idol in the surroundings, finally found it which is now installed inside the temple.

The temple is well connected by the road since it is located very close to NH-65, the busiest highway, and just 13-KM away from Zaheerabad, the highway town.

Tourists from Karnataka, Maharastra prefer to visit the temple during their journey.On the special days, the temple witnesses heavy turnout of pilgrims from neighbouring Karantaka and Maharastra. The devotee influx peaks during the Pushya Sudda Padyami and Pushya sudda Chaturdhi, when the Lord Vinayaka’s birth celebrations are organised every year.

Those who fulfills their wishes after offering prayers at the temple will visit the temple again to offer Mokku.