Published On: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

Ramappa temple very close to getting Unesco heritage tag | The Hans India

Hyderabad: Will it be a case of third time lucky for Ramappa temple in Jayashankar-Bhupalapalle district? The Telangana Heritage department and heritage activists hope so. The previous two attempts to have Ramappa nominated to Unseco fell flat as the proposals were unable to meet several of the requirements.

This year Ramappa temple proposal has crossed the first hurdle at national level as it was more or less fool-proof. The Centre has sent Ramappa proposal along with another proposal for a monument in Rajasthan to Unesco for according world heritage status.

The hope that it would make the cut at the Unesco stems from the fact that this time proposal was more exhaustive and satisfied several other requirements of Unesco unlike in the past.

Ramappa temple has been given a make-over and the surroundings are now free from any encroachments which is one of the parameters for judging a site for according world heritage status. This apart, this time, the proposal is for only Ramappa temple unlike in the past when Ramappa proposal used to be clubbed with the Thousand Pillar temple. The proposals came unstuck since clubbing both of them it became difficult to meet the parameters of surroundings to be made free of encroachments.

The Unesco has ten parameters for judging a site of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV). For a site to be given the OUV, which is considered world heritage status, the most important parameter is that it should be a “masterpiece of human creative genius”.
Prof M Panduranga Rao, trustee of Kakatiya Heritage Trust (KHT) and convenor, Intach Warangal chapter, said: “We are hopeful that Ramappa temple will be given the world heritage status as it fulfills a majority of the parameters set by Unesco.”

The reason for optimism is its uniqueness. G S V Suryanarayana Murthy, conservation architect who has been working closely with the Heritage department and KHT, says, “Geo-technical knowledge, the creative genius of the artisans of that time in inventing a brick that floats on water and smooth sculptures that number more than 200 dancers in various postures without the use of machinery reflect the Kakatiya period in all its majesty.” The proposal will reach the Unesco on February 1, 2018 and a team from UN body would be visiting India in September to inspect the temple and make a recommendation to the Unesco.

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