Published On: Mon, Nov 20th, 2017

Opposition against Siddaramaiah’s Hindu Temples Regulations Act | Asianet Newstable

Strong opposition has greeted the proposed Hindu Temples Regulations Act announced by the State Government.  Beyond Party differences strong protests were expressed by members as to why only Hindu temples are put under regulations while religious establishments of other religions are scot free?

Speaking during the question hour, Congress’s Ghotnekar Srikantha Lakshmana expressed his dissatisfaction about the State Government setting up Management Committees for Hindu temples, including those that do not come under Muzarai, and bringing them under regulations. A massive protest was held led by Svarnavalli Mahasamsthana Swamy at Uttara Kannada district but the government has not responded to that, reported Kannada Prabha.

Opposition leader Eshwarappa said why is the government in a hurry to bring Hindu temples under regulation? The Management Committees set up by the government have already taken over 126 temples in the Uttara Kannada district. This is not appropriate.

Independent MLA Basanagowda Yatnal said only Hindu temples are targeted for regulations. Why are the other religious centres not targeted, he questioned.

Responding to this, Muzrai Minister Rudrappa Lamani said the State Government is developing Hindu temples and it has been misunderstood. The government is not taking over any temple or mutt voluntarily. It does not want any temple set up by devotees. There are already 34,560 temples of various grades under the State Government. There is no need for the government to take over any private temples he clarified.

Lamani also explained that earlier there were various 5 Acts regarding the endowment department. To bring all these under one umbrella a Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowment Act 1997 was implemented. This Act was cancelled by the High Court in 2006. The HC has given the freedom to the State Government to implement an improved Act in this regard.

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