KOLHAPUR: More than 26,000 devotees from across the country have donated towards a 23.5 kg golden palanquin for the Mahalaxmi temple here and it will be handed over to the shrine management on April 28 to be celebrated as Akshaytrutiya.

The devotees of Mahalaxmi formed the Shri Karveer Nivasani Mahalaxmi Suvarna Palkhi Trust ( palanquin trust) to make the golden palanquin for the goddess under the chairmanship of MP Dhanajay Mahadik.

The trust started its work on the palanquin on April 15 2015. It had then appealed for donation in form of cash, cheque and actual gold. In less than two years, the palanquin is ready.

Palanquin trust development trustee Samir Seth said, “The devotees’ response to our donation appeal was encouragin. Over 26,000 people donated in cash, cheques, online transfers and actual gold for the palanquin, which is made of pure gold and designed with precious stones.”He added, “We have used 23.5 kg of gold worth around Rs 7 crore. The religious purification ceremony of palanquin was organised on Friday inside the temple.”