A geologist in Nepal, who has been studying the land structure of various heritage sites in the country, has warned that land creeping is threatening the famed Pashupatinath Temple.

Land creeping is the slow downward progression of rock and soil. It also refers to slow deformation of such materials due to prolonged pressure and stress.

Geologist Ranjan Kumar Dahal shared thses findings with ANI saying, “We are working for the stability of the Pashupati Kshetra, the Swayambhu Area and Changu Narayan Area for the last ten years and this is our regular process of the observations and collecting of data. When we look at the Pashupati area especially the Pashupati Temple and the river bank of the Temple below the staircase from where we can go to the Pashupati Temple, in that area, we found that basically the whole mass is now in continuous creep and this is the main thing we to explore in more detail in the future as they are creating lots of cracks on the slope.”

The Pashupatinath Temple is a famous temple and pilgrimage site for Hindus, located on the banks of river Bagmati in Kathmandu.

The temple has a long history which appears in various manuscripts and religious texts, attracts pilgrims from around the world.

Experts have witnessed few bulges and deformation on the walls, which clearly suggests that the mass is moving down.

The area below the Slesmantak Forest, the place where Lord Shiva and Parvati are believed to have spent lot of time, is home to numerous Shivalinga.

Experts have claimed that a replica of Shiva in the site is being pushed upward because of creeping beneath the surface.

“We can find the Shivalinga is going up and the base of the Shivalinga going down. As a result, we can see that the upper part of the Shivalinga. It means that the base of the whole Shivalinga is going down,” Dr. Dahal said.

Geo- Scientists have termed the danger to be at the medium level and have also suggested mitigation measures to prevent further danger.

Dr. Dahal has suggested sealing of cracks on the surface as soon as possible and said that drainage system of temple should be managed properly.

Experts have held the age old “Bramhanal” of the temple (Bramhanal is the drainage system from which the water and the milk offered to lord Shiva ships out) as being responsible for the creeping of the land.

The age old drainage system paved with stones on the sides is blamed for the creeping.

Although, the drainage system was repaired, it has still increased.