Published On: Mon, Feb 27th, 2017

The Kailasa Temple in Ellora : An architectural masterpiece | Postcard

The Kailasa Temple in Ellora is an architectural masterpiece. Its structure & carvings remain unmatched till date. There also remains no clue of its origin, its constructors, & nor are there any inscriptions revealing the purpose of the construction. The temple is not only an architectural marvel, but may even have some mind-boggling secrets to it that haven’t come to light yet.

Elaborated below are some undecipherable facts about the Kailasa Temple –

  • The temple wasn’t built by adding stones, which is how any such construction would normally be done, but instead by carving out an entire mountain. It is the only temple in the world that has been constructed in such fashion.
  • Archaeologists confirm that 4 lakh tons of rock was scooped out to construct the temple. Such a massive task is estimated to take centuries to be completed. But the rock was scooped out, the design finalized, & then the carvings done in just 18 years!
  • The question now arises – Was this actually done by humans with chisels, pickaxes & hammers? Let’s do a simple math. Let’s calculate the per/hour extraction of rock that would have happened. Assumptions – ignored the time spent in wartime, festivals, & rainy days, & that workers worked nonstop for 18 years 12 hours every day.

4 lakh tons of rock extracted in 18 years equals 22,222 tons in one year which is 60 tons every day, & 5 tons every hour. Such heavy extraction of rock can’t even be done today with advanced machines! So, how could have humans done this, that too with rudimentary tools? It is very probable that the construction was done by some extra-terrestrial forces.

  • The Kailasa Temple was the first temple to be created in the Ellora complex. It is also the only one visible from air. One fascinating aspect visible from air is an ‘X’ shape. On ground, this shape is formed by four lions. Was this ‘X’ shape created to aid some extra-terrestrials forces with regards to the location of the temple?
  • Unlike other temples, the Kailasa Temple is perfectly oriented with respect to directions.
  • Also, the temple has bridges connecting towers, rain water harvesting system, drainage system, hidden underground passages, secret peek-holes that show people walking in, elaborate balconies, & complex stairways. The temple is a marvel in every sense, & there isn’t any doubt that it was created by a much advanced civilisation.

 When Hindu Mystery Defeated Aurangzeb

In 1682, Aurangzeb decided to destroy the Kailasa Temple, in line with his anti-Hindu fanaticism. He dedicated 1,000 laborers to do the task for him. But they failed miserably.

These laborers worked for 3 years yet couldn’t even come close to destroying this Hindu marvel. The most they were able to achieve was disfiguring some statues, & leaving dents here & there. Aurangzeb accepted defeat.

It is imperative for us Hindus to know about our glorious past. No religion has such astounding history of gods & goddesses, temples & caves, wars & conquests, culture & tradition.

Vinayak Jain

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