Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

Devotees donate to bulid 7-feet idol of Jain Tirthankara

Nearly 2,000 devouts have donated money, gold, and silver, which were used to create a 7-feet idol of Adinath Bhagwan, widely followed by the Jain community as the first Tirthankar or a spiritual savior.

The idol, designed and sculpted by Jabalpur-based metal sculpture artist Jagdish Parihar, is now getting final touches at MITC Mills in Nashik’s Dindori area. Led by Sagarchandra Sagarsuri Maharaj, Jain monks and about 700 devotees worshipped the idol with flowers and by chanting Sakvastav Stotram on February 9.

The panch dhatu idol, made up of gold, silver, copper, zinc, and lead, cost about Rs 1.75 crore and weighs 10,000kg.

The new Adinath Bhagwan idol, which is replica of an idol at the Palitana temple in Gujarat, will soon be moved to a temple in Parshopuram area near Mangaon in Maharashtra’s Raigad district.

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