Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

Varanasi Ganga ghats exemplified – skymet Weather

Until a few years back, Ganga water quality was deteriorating due to immense pollution levels. It was after May 2014, when the ‘Clean Ganga Campaign’ or ‘Namami Gange Project’ as was termed came into being. The project was led by the Hon’ble Prime Minister himself with the combined efforts of the Varanasi municipal corporation and the Centre’s National Mission on Clean Ganga (NMCG).

The project emphasizes on cleaning the river water along with putting efforts on cleaning the 84-odd famed Ghats of the meditative city. The constructional changes that this traditional city is undergoing also brought dust that fills the air settle down in the openings of these so many Ghats.

As of now, the Ghats have started exemplifying their best with modern stainless steel dustbins found on the paths. However, there still are some patches of standing urine or cattle dung found on the Ghats, but most of them have got transformation from the filthy and spoiled Ghats to walkable public spaces.

Central Pollution Control Board still states that Ganga’s toxicity levels continue to stay risky due to the presence of high fecal coliform levels and the only solution to this being stopping and treating sewage. The water is still not pollution free. Thus, it is advised by the authority to walk along the Ghats but not to take bath in order to avoid the stinking feel while taking a dip.

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