Published On: Mon, Aug 15th, 2016

Clean Ganga not possible unless flow is uninterrupted: Nitish Kumar |Hindustan Times

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said a clean Ganga would not be possible unless its flow is uninterrupted.

In his Independence Day address at Gandhi Maidan, Kumar said River Ganga’s depth has reduced following silt deposition due to construction of a dam at Farakka (known as Farakka barrage in West Bengal).

“I always raise the issue before the Prime Minister in every meeting of Ganga River Basin Authority,” Kumar said.

“I was born at Bakhtiarpur in Patna district. We used to go to take bath in the Ganga. There was wonderful flow with clean water then. We used to take a bucket of water to home for drinking purposes,” Kumar said.

Kumar claimed that he had been raising the issue of ‘uninterrupted flow’ without which it would be difficult to maintain a river’s cleanliness. “We cannot make it clean without ensuring its adequate flow,” he said.

Due to siltation (a type of water pollution), water spreads to adjoining areas if there is a sudden increase in flow, he said.

Kumar said,16 Bihar districts received less than normal rainfall, so far this year, on the other hand, several other districts were affected by floods.

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  1. These politicians should first use something called common sense instead of creating complications where there exist none.
    Problem is serious but solution is simple.
    All the industries that are on the banks of Ganga which are absolutely useless to India and Indians or her economy, which were brought specifically by the British to destroy our powerful culture including mother Ganga worship, and the scoundrel politicians of today who don’t have the brain to see through that or the spine to protect India and Hinduism should first be drowned in the Ganga.
    There is no need to give your stupid advice to the PM.
    Surely the PM knows and will implement the simple solution:
    Close down the polluting industries on the banks of mother Ganga and she with her natural flow will simply clean herself.
    Get the rascal British conspiracy out and Ganga can shower her grace once again on us.

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