Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2017

Brush away your teeth to Enlightenment

Sadashiva reveals different day to day activity to be performed which can lead one to enlightenment. Mahadeva reveals how one shoul brush his teeth, what should be used to brush teeth by a mumukshu, by a grhstha in order to achieve their life purpose.

In Kamika Agama, Carya Pada (Lifestyle portion), Mahadeva gives clear instruction on How to brush one’s teeth.

karañjañcirabilvañca khadirañcārjunaṁ tathā|| 20
apāmārgaṁ ca muktyarthaṁ jaṁbvāmrakakubhādikam|
bhuktaye dhavadhātrī ca mākulīnimbasaṁbhavam|| 21 śigraśleṣmātakairaṇḍa piśācatarusaṁbhavam|
varjayeddantakāṣṭhaṁ tadanyalloha vinirmitam|| 22

To make the tooth-sticks for those who are motivated to liberation, the sticks of karanja, cirabilva, khadira, arjuna, apamarga, jambu, amra, kakubha and such other trees should be used. For those who are intent on the worldly enjoyments, the sticks of dhava, dhatri, makuli and nimba trees should be taken. The sticks of sigra, sleshmata, kairanda and paisaca trees should be avoided. Tooth-stick made of any metal should also be avoided.

Kamik Agama
Purva Pada (Part One)
Translation: Dr. S.P. Sabharathnam Sivacharyar, Himalayan Academy

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