Published On: Mon, Aug 15th, 2016

Right time to make Decision for your Life!

Guru is your higher calling, calling from higher frequency.
When he moves, when he is in transit you are given a chance to answer you higher calling or go back to your prarabdha.

Guru Payerchi is the time you take risk higher calling descions, take fantasy designs, against your cozy comfortable prarabtha movement. Make strong spiritual desicions.

You will never fail, he will take you up,up and up!!!!! Gurukula vasa, desicions for sanyas, decision for joining spiritual life should be done at the time of Guru

Don’t make desicions based on prarabtha, any business, relationship, major decisions in the regular life. Make high spiritual desicions.

24 hrs before the transit, it starts, and for 7 days that frequency will continue. When you jump, guru will hold you and you will not fall, you can keep jumping higher.

It’s the time kids start gurukul, seekers will go live with Guru! Breaking prarabtha desicions.

When Sukra(Venus) moves(transits houses) you should be grounded. Sukra moves and gives your prarabtha life, make desicions in your life, related to relationships, business, education, career etc.

Intensify you spiritual descions brihaspati will hold and support you. Make descions outside your comfort zone.

Vedic Astrology is the flow with life, align all your actions with it, you’ll have a beautiful life.

This is also the time Rahu will make you feel weak, he’ll do his drama, he will cover up your good qualities he’ll make things dull, put you in depression or confusion.

Make spiritual descions that you are struggling with spiritually, Guru will hold you, you will succeed.

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