The Master replied, ‘This question itself will disappear. Then you will know you have surrendered.’

This question, whether you have surrendered or not, will disappear. You will have no doubt about whether you have surrendered or not. Your whole being will be flooded and will be bubbling with ecstasy and joy. There is just a feeling of surrendering. Utter relaxation and utter bliss. You will not bother about what happens next. You will be totally relaxed from your duties, pains, suffering and responsibilities. The responsibilities will be fulfilled effortlessly. Your body will be doing the right action effortlessly. You mind will be doing the right thing without your intervention. It’s not that you won’t go to your office tomorrow morning because you have surrendered. You will go- the body will carry on. Everything will be happening. But you will see utter relaxation in your being, the utter bliss in your ‘mind’ and the utter ‘IS ness’ in your life.

When you surrender the ‘I’, there is utter bliss. When you surrender the ‘mine’, there is utter relaxation. When you surrender the ‘I’, and ‘mine’, there is beautiful ‘IS ness’ in your life. This is the scale to measure whether your surrender is merely lip service or it is real. With this scale you can measure whether you have surrendered or not.  Surrender is nothing but a clear, conscious decision. Nothing else.

‘You will conclude, ‘Why can’t the energy that can move my body, this sun, this moon and this planet earth, move my life?’

Understand: The bread that we eat becomes blood. It is not an insignificant process. If you are a doctor, you know how big this process is! Bread becoming blood is the biggest industry you can conceive! Still, scientists have not succeeded in converting bread into blood. To be successful in doing this, you need to create an industry that will run for miles. And such a big process happens inside our body! Just six feet high – in such a small system, this big process is happening! Air is taken in, the prana (life force) is separated out, the air goes out – the process is happening inside us. If the Divine can manage so much inside our body, if the Divine can manage so much in this universe, it can well manage our life, too.

Understand: Existence is intelligence. The Divine is intelligence.

I’ve seen people ask God, ‘O God, please give me this. O God, please give me that.’

First, they ask. Next, the bargain! If you give me this, I will give you that.’ Balaji is the biggest god in India for bargaining with. For anything, bargain with Balaji.

Third, they start blaming God, I went to His temple ten times, and every year I climbed up the hill to the temple, but nothing happened!’

First you ask, then you bargain, and next you blame. These three have nothing to do with devotion.

Let me ask you this. Why do you pray? You pray because you think that God has the capacity to give, that God has the Sakthi (Power) to give.

When you pray, you ask, ‘O God, give me a million dollars.’ You know that God has the sakthi to give you, so you ask.

But when you insist, ‘O God, give me now, give me right now,’ it means you believe that He has Sakthi, but you don’t believe that he has buddhi, the intelligence to decide when to give. That is what it means! You believe that he has sakthi, but you don’t believe that he has buddhi.

When you surrender, you understand that not only does He have sakthi, He has buddhi also. Every moment, something will be taught to you. When you surrender, You will not have any pain. You will feel liberated.

-Excerpt from the book Bhagavad Gita’ demystified by Mahavatar Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji.