Published On: Sat, Feb 11th, 2017

Death is the greatest suffering. If you surrender, if you welcome, it becomes a great Master to you.

Death is the greatest suffering. If you surrender, if you welcome, it becomes a great Master to you.

If you welcome it with a mood of surrender, anything in your life will change its quality. Whenever you resist anything, it will be left as a devil whenever you welcome anything, it will be faced or felt as the Divine.

It is you who decides whether it is the devil or the Divine.

It is not decided on the outside – It is decided inside.

So whenever you relax, you transform your life from mitya (illusion) to Nithya Ananda (Eternal Bliss). You transform your suffering to a surge of joy. You move from depression to expression, from worrying to wondering. So may you decide consciously. Don’t question once the conscious decision is made. Once you surrender, even after the decision, you will have the feeling, you will have the doubt whether you have surrendered or not, whether you really did surrender or not.

Let me tell you one thing.

First  just decided to surrender. Surrender everything at the feet of God, at the feet of Parasakthi who runs this world. You don’t even need to have any name or form in your mind. Don’t have my name and form. Don’t have any name or form. Oh, I surrendered to this God. So whaT will happen? Will the other god become angry with me?’ Don’t worry. Just surrender to then energy that runs the whole world. Then everybody is included under the title – God, Divine, energy of this whole universe. Just decide to let this run your life.

After that, naturally, you will have a doubt whether you have surrendered or not. Then just say,  ‘Even this doubt is a gift from the Divine, the same Divine that is running the world. The Divine gives this doubt also. The intelligence to surrender and to doubt my surrender are both His gifts. Let me offer my doubt also to Him. Let him take care.’ Surrender your doubt also. Then you will see the transformation happens in you just as you are. Don’t think, ‘First I will change, and then I will surrender.’ No. You cannot do that. Surrender as you are, consciously, totally. Whatever is in your hands, whatever ‘mine’ is in your hands, whatever position is in your hands, surrender completely. Your being will be flooded with a new feeling, a new life, a new energy and a new bliss.

So may you surrender at the feet of the Divine. May you enter. May you be in the energy. May you enter into the Divine Energy. May this happen to you. May you be in and may you become eternal Bliss. Nithyananda.

Here ends the ultimate teaching of Krishna and here starts our enlightened life! Let us take a few minutes to offer our gratitude to the great Masters. First, offer gratitude to the great Master Sri Krishna who showered these great truths upon the whole universe. Let us give our gratitude to Him. Then come all the Masters who preserved these truths so that we can enjoy and experience these truths in our life. Let us give our gratitude to the entire Guru Parampara, the lineage of Gurus. Please close your eyes and remain in silence for a while.


-Excerpt from the book Bhagavad Gita’ demystified by Mahavatar Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji.

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