Published On: Mon, Feb 13th, 2017

Consciousness of Everything

You might have heard of the term “Internet of Everything” and how this is going to alter the future of how the world functions.  This is fundamentally based on the value that can be created when a large array of devices are connected to the internet.  Did you know that everything in the universe has always been connected?  Imagine the effectiveness and efficiency with which you can live life if you are able to tap into this network.  This article shares this truth as revealed in the Upanishads.

The feeling of separation

If you feel there is something other than you existing, you may have fear or feeling.  If you feel the other part will complete you, you will start developing romance towards it.  If you think the other part will be threatening you, you will start developing fear towards it.

The concept you have about you

The concept you have about you plays a very important, major role, in the way you live, the way you exist.  What you experience about you decides your attitude about life.

Consciousness of Everything

The sixth verse of the Ishavashya Upanishad declares “One who, indeed, lives by seeing as it is the whole Existence, all manifest and unmanifest beings existing in the Consciousness itself, and the Consciousness existing in the whole Existence, thus does not feel violated or hates anything existing, by virtue of not seeing oneself as separate from Consciousness.”

The truth is “everything exists in you and you exist in everything”.

The authority of Upanishads

The above statement is one of the most important principles of Vedic Tradition.  You might have heard of this in many books, but you should not mistake hearing this same principle in many books and hearing it from the Upanishads.  Upanishads is the ultimate declaration.  It is God speaking.  Same word, when it is said by different people, it has different value.

The key to making change happen

Everyone is ultimately a mirror of you, and if you change, everyone will change.  Don’t think in a roundabout way: ‘If everyone changes, I will also change.’  Start from you.  Everyone will also start changing.  This becomes a beautiful virtuous circle in you.  But if you are waiting for the change to happen from the other, others will not change; because of that, you will not change.  It will become a vicious circle.

Two methods

The truth is “everything exists in you”. There are two methods to realize this truth.

  1. Witness the body and mind from outside

If you feel, ‘Everything exists in me’, fear and greed will start coming up.  ‘Oh, if everything exists in me, why will the tiger attack me?  Why will the lion attack me?’

With this method, you will think, ‘No, I will see my body and mind separately.  Whatever happens, happens. It is just Existence.  If this body needs to be alive, that will leave it alive.  Otherwise it will kill.’

  1. Everything has the same consciousness

‘No, this body and that body, both have same Consciousness, and with this clarity I will decide what that body has to do and this body has to do, and make it function smoothly.’

Living from the cognition that “everything exists in me”

The understanding that happens by using these methods, when it becomes matured cognition, they manifest as powers in you. Blessed are those who decide to start the change.  Cursed are those who are waiting for the other person to change.  Blessed are those who decide to be the first in the transformation process.

Be a blessed one!

Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

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