There is no such thing as birth exists. Every individual water drop in the ocean when it moves, by its very innate intelligence, visualizes it is born and separated from the Whole. When it gets rid of the very root delusion, it is called enlightenment. The birth is not happening as human beings understand, as the separation from the Source. The Source continues to exist as part of the part which thinks it is already become part from the Source. Source participates completely with the part in every action, in every deed, in every step, in every behaviour, in every moment, through its all permeating penetration Presence. The participation is never allows the separation of the part from the Whole. So the part continues to be the part of the Whole.

The birth as you understand does not exist in the cosmos. Continuously your movements, your desires, creates different states of consciousness in you. Because of these altered states of consciousness like lust, anger, greed, fear, jealousy, competition, love, feeling of deprived, depression; because of these various experiences and the expressions, part starts feeling it is separated from the Whole. The moment the part feels it is separated from the Whole, it claims it has taken birth.

So the birth actually does not happen as you think. When a body comes out of another one body, it cannot be called as birth. Only when the individual awareness feels its independent existence, the birth begins. Birth is the beginning of the suffering, as the part forgets its source existence, connection and participation with the Source. As the source relationship is forgotten by the part, the deluded suffering becomes the lifestyle from the moment of birth. Birth cannot be considered as the separation of the body you are carrying from another one body which you call as mother, as this does not immediately inflict suffering into the individual part, because the individual part does not claim, feel, potent,  participate in the concept that it is individual part. So the truth exists as it is, even though the body is separated from the another one body which you may call as mother.

The moment the individual consciousness feels the part is no more participating directly with the Whole, that moment can be considered as birth. That moment indicates the individuals suffering beginning. It may get extended as long as that individual, that part, feels it is independent existence from the whole existence. When the part remains as a part, it continues to create various forms of conscious states, and the various forms of conscious states creates the kaleidoscopy experience of this world for that individual part. When the individual part realizes its mistake of remembering itself from the Whole, it relaxes into the Whole; that moment is called enlightenment.

To be continued…