Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

International Mother Language Day: 7 everyday English words that were born out of Sanskrit

We may have dismissed Sanskrit as a dead language, but we cannot deny the contribution it has had towards most North-Indian languages, and the medium of most communication in our country today–English.

February 21 happens to be International Mother Language Day the world over, and is marked to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. Okay, those might sound like heavy words; the short fact is that the day is marked to make people realise the value and preciousness of their mother tongues, while, at the same time, learning about and respecting other languages.

So, to mark the day India style, we thought we’d tell you about some English words we use every day that were actually born out of our very own Sanskrit.

1. Bandana

Sanskrit word: Bandhana

Meaning: A bond

2. Gunny

Sanskrit word: Goni

Meaning: Sack

3. Juggernaut

Sanskrit word: Jagat-natha-s

Meaning: Lord of the world

4. Jute

Sanskrit word: Juta-s

Meaning: Twisted hair

5. Loot

Sanskrit word: Lota-m

Meaning: He steals

6. Panther

Sanskrit word: Pandara

Meaning: Pale

7. Sugar

Sanskrit word: Sharkara

Meaning: Ground or candied sugar

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