Published On: Tue, Sep 6th, 2016

Why Mahadeva cuts Ganesha’s Head ?

Ganesha embodies and symbolizes spontaneous completion celebration! Just seeing Him, one will be joyful. He is embodiment of joy, with big belly, nicely sitting and nicely enjoying food. His very form shows that He is a worry free God, no worries, no sufferings, no pain, nothing. Very happy about himself, very happy about the universe, very happy about His happening and everything.

If you see the whole story of the very way He appeared, the way He happened- very casually Devi just puts Her Muscle Memory, the mixture of haldi (Turmeric) and mehendi (Henna), the haldi which she applied on Her body and the mehendi, she just pulls it out with Her muscle memory and makes Ganapati.

She breathes life into it. The child is playing around outside. Devi says to him, I am just going for a bath, just be here.

Then Sadashiva walks in.

Some of the stupid interpretations say Mahadeva did not recognize His own son. How can it be? The one who runs the whole universe, how can He not know him? He knows! He needs to add His part into him! He need to add the Sadashiva component into him.

He was so happy! He just needs to add his component, so he playfully picks a fight with Ganapati.

He says, “Who are you?”

Ganapati says, “I am the son of the owner of the house, who are you?”

Sadashiva says, “Hey I am the owner of this house, you are not letting me inside?”

ganesha 2

In this playful fight, he removes the ignorance of Adi Ganapati. He removes the ignorance of Adi Ganapati, because he is made of only the matter- Adi Shakti, Prakriti and  now Sadashiva needs to add the Bio Energy into it. Sadashiva has to add the Bio Energy, so he just removed the ego. Then Devi comes and says,” Come on, do what you need to do now, add what you need to add.”

Mahadeva says to get the first head they can get and he fixes it to Ganapati’s body and thus adds his Bio Energy. Once the body is complete Sadashiva himself breathes life into it. Someone who can breathe life into the person, will He not recognize who he is? Ganesha thus becomes complete, a spontaneous completion celebration.

Actually, Devi makes Ganesha early in the morning, just before Brahma-Muhurtha  and before sunrise, Sadashiva fits the new head, and by sunrise he is complete and appears as Mahaganapati. He is a spontaneous completion, symbol of spontaneous completion celebration. The whole Kailasa celebrates the arrival of the first son of Sada Shiva and Adi Shakti!

He is the embodiment and  symbol of spontaneous completion celebration. He is easy to approach- Aasutosha, means easily pleased, easy to approach. He is Aasutosha, that is why you can approach him in any way you want, no prerequisites. Just keep a mud heap, He is Ganapathi, or make a deity of diamonds and platinum, He is Ganapathi. All of us are made already out of the Prakriti, let’s add the Mahadeva component inside, and bring spontaneous completion celebration. He is the most sweetest and beautiful and embodiment of life affirmative life energy, love, bliss, joy and  power.

He is alive, available, He happened on this day is history, not story. So He is available to all of us and He is living.

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