Published On: Sun, Feb 12th, 2017

Reviving Hinduism with Shaktis

Ever since the beginning of the civilization, the Sanatana Hindu Dharma has been the cradle of enlightened beings and highly advanced sciences and blissful powerful existence. It was where the science of enlightenment and powers (Shaktis) was lived and taught as a lifestyle. The Vedic Rishis, Munis and Sadhakas manifested extraordinary powers like materializing materials, reading the past and the future through Akashic Readings, creating alchemy products for spiritual evolution, levitation, and other numerous powers.

These powers expressed as a side-effect of their feeling connection and integrity with the Divine, from the space of Oneness or non-duality with the Divine – Lord Sadashiva, the original source of all Cosmic Sciences, refers to this as Shuddhadvaitam. The knowledge and sciences of manifesting these powers was passed down from one generation to the next through Deeksha, initiation by the enlightened Gurus and preserved by the Guru Parampara, which has an unbroken lineage of enlightened beings and Avatars till date.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the living Avatar of the millenium who is powerfully reviving these Yogic sciences revealed in the Vedas and Agamas and transmitting it to the world at large on a human scale never imagined before. Reviving Hinduism with Shaktis Countless accounts are systematically recorded in the sacred Hindu scriptures, which are the authority on truth such as the Ramayana, Mahabharat, Upanishads and Puranas, proving that evolved beings and the civilization led by them – have been manifesting extraordinary Shaktis, powers as a conscious lifestyle.

Unfortunately, as the dharma, the truthful and conscious way of living got diluted from age to age, these powers came to be perceived as mere stories not ‘history’; in reality these are true historical accounts narrating us the proof of the most powerful, abundant and successful civilization gifted to us by Sadashiva and His enlightened disciples -an ordinary life lived in an extraordinary way.

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