Published On: Tue, Aug 23rd, 2016

Types Of Krishna Idols For Janmashtami- Boldsky

Every year, people of India celebrate Janmashtami with splendor. In many households, women keep fasts for the prosperity and well-being of their offspring. People use various types of Krishna idols to welcome the festival in all its glory.

After all, it is the birthday of your dear Lord Krishna whom you see as friend, philosopher and guide. On Janmashtami, the idols of baby Krishna are brought and are decorated pleasantly. Different types of Krishna idols for Janmashtami can really help glorify the occasion even more.

Every household brings different types of Krishna idols for Janmashtami. Some bring stone statues home while others go in for brass idols. If you can afford, you can also bring home silver or golden idols too.

But, the material of the idol doesn’t matter a bit, truly. What matters is your love and devotion for the God, which completes your interest in celebrating the festival. Still, if you want to know about the types of Krishna idols to use for Krishna Janmashtami, you will get ideas about it, here.

You can buy any kind of Krishna idols for Janmashtami from shops. Today, the advancement of online shopping also gives you a chance to shop from home.

You can find different Krishna idols for Krishna Janmashtami from several online shopping sites and the prices are affordable as well. Hence, listed here are a few types of Krishna idols for Janmashtami that you can bring home. Have a look.

Brass Idol:

The baby Krishna or ‘Bal Gopal’ idol is famous for Janmashtami. You can buy one this year from any gift shop or an online site. You can keep it at the puja room of your house and worship it regularly. You can also gift it to your dear ones on this special occasion.

Stone Statues:

These are easily available at any gift shops and these are also lesser expensive than brass statues. The ‘Bal Gopal’ statues of stones are coloured interestingly to show the red or yellow dhoti and other colourful ornaments. These look cute too.

Silver Statues

If you want to know about different Krishna idols to use for Krishna Janmashtami, why not buy silver statues? These look classy and elegant. You can buy these statues having a complete silver work or having a golden touch on the dhoti or other ornaments.

Gold Idols:

Complete gold statues are incredibly expensive. You can buy that, but be careful of having such asset at home. You can buy silver or stone statue with golden ornaments. Those are lesser expensive and they also look equally beautiful.

Krishna With Jashoda:

You have got ideas about material types of Krishna idols for Janmashtami. But, are you thinking on which design and style to buy? Krishna with mother Jashoda will look eternal when placed in your Puja room. One of the famous styles is Jashoda punishing Krishna for stealing butter. A true treat for the eyes!

Radha-Krishna Idol:

This is one of the famous types of Krishna idols for Janmashtami. Though it is the ceremony of Lord Krishna’s birthday, but without Radha, he is incomplete. A paired idol of both not only brings prosperity to your family, but it is also a permanent symbol of love in your house.

Krishna With A Cow:

Lord Krishna was reared at Nanda and Jashoda’s house who was a cowherd. There are lots of stories where Krishna is associated with cows. So, a statue of Lord Krishna, playing a flute and a cow sitting or standing behind will look good when placed in your Puja room.

These are some of the common types of Krishna idols for Janmashtami. So, you can buy one this year and celebrate the occasion with sheer devotion.


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