A large mob of Shia muslims gathered outside the India Today office in Bengaluru today (24 November) blocking traffic and chanting slogans “Band karo band karo aaj tak band karo”, reports The News Minute.

Organised by Anjuman-e-Imamia, the mob carried placards saying “the group condemned Rohit Sardana’s comments against Bibi Fatima (SA), the daughter of the Holy Prophet, the wife of the Holy Prophet and Immaculate Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ”.

Another Shia mob had earlier demanded that journalist Rohit Sardana apologise on camera. Sardana tweeted an apology earlier on Wednesday (22 November). A day later, mobs demanded his arrest over his statements, which they considered ‘blasphemous’.

Sardana, on 16 November had tweeted out in the context of the film Sexy Durga. Asking why ‘Sexy’ was only associated with Hindu goddess, he had asked why it was not used in the context of Prophet Muhammad’s wife Ayesha, daughter Fatima and Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother.

A group of people submitted a memorandum at the Old City Commissioner’s office in Hyderabad yesterday (23 November), where they were told that a case had already been registered.

Sardana, who claimed to be receiving threats over the phone, posted screenshots with phone numbers on Twitter and asked for the Uttar Pradesh Police to take action.