Today is Deepavali, one of the most auspicious and greatest festival for all sampradayas of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. For Shaivites this was the day on which Subraymanya was conceived and he was born on the 6th day of Skanda Shasti. Viashnavites celebrate this day for the victory Krishna made over Narakasura and liberated him as well as all the lokas from the hell (naraka) he had let lose. For Shaktas this day is important as Kali appeared on this day.

It is also a very important day for the Nithyananda Sampradaya – it is literally my birthday today – because on this day I recognized my incarnation-hood and the words Anandamaga Irungal – Be Blissful, formed in my being.

It was on this day that Sadashiva started manifesting in this body as Adishakti. Giving liberation is Sadashiva’s responsibility but choosing through which body She wants to manifest and do the mission is Adishakti’s responsibility. Who you are experiencing now as Nithyananda is Adishakti’s boon to the world. That is why, this day is dedicated to Devi, Adi Shakti, Paramba, Maha Kali who is responsible for manifesting as Nithyananda.

To commemorate this, we have Chandi Homa and Kali Puja all night. Above all, I will be doing the Prana Prathistha for the Enlightenment Pill which I am making for Sadashivoham participants!

It is the day of all auspicious beginnings. All the things I began on this day always become successful. So today I bless you all, to being a new life. As the expression of Sadashiva, Sadashivoham, I begin new life for all of you. Let you flourish in Sadashivatva, in the space of Sadashivoham giving you all completion, new life, the ability to rewrite and recreate the new future, reverberating a powerful new future.

Let Sadashiva manifest completely in every one of us and radiate all the auspiciousness – health, wealth, bliss, his blessings, his knowledge, his enlightenment experience, Sadashivatva and all His powers. Blessings to everyone – Shubha Deepavali – Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinam. I give all Completion, Integrity and Sadashivatva.

Sadahoshivoham. Sadashivoham. Sadashivoham.. Sadahoshivohm. Sadahoshivoham. Sadashivoham. Sadashivoham.. Sadahoshivoham. Sadahoshivoham. Sadashivoham. Sadashivoham. Sadashivoham.