Published On: Sun, Oct 9th, 2016

Funds will be raised for Kashmiri and Bangladeshi Hindus by Donald Trump !

Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for US Presidentship and is more likely to be the new President of United States of America. He is very vocal about his stand on Jihad and Radical Islam and he is being feared by Radicals for his stand. Doanld Trump is also a business tycoon and has made it clear that once he will become the president then he is going to tighten the noose on Pakistan and its nuclear programme.

Donald Trump is going to speak on Terrorism in an event organized by Republican Hindu Coalition. The Event is going to held on Sept. 24 at the PNC Bank Art Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. The speech of Trump is titled “Humanity United Against Terror” and this is going to be a part of a large fundraising event.

The Fund-Money which will be raised through this programme will be donated to Kashmiri Pandits who are the victims of Islamic terrorism. The Money will also be donated to those Bangladeshi Hindus who are being tortured in Bangladesh by radical extremists.

The Hindu Republican Coalition was founded by an Indian-American businessman ‘Shalli Kumar’ who has donated some 8,96,800 $ to Trump’s campaign. He said that, this event will bring world’s focus on an important issue which is ‘Radical Islam”. He said that He is not against Islam and he has many friends with Muslim faith and they too feel like their religion has been hijacked by radical Islamists. He further said that we are going through World War three right now and the enemy is Radical Islamists.

Many Bollywood celebrities will also be a part of this fundraising campaign. It is expected that some 25,000 people will turn up for this event and the ticket for this event is being sold to anyone who is donating 101$ or more.

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