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Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda Heals Ozone Layer

A special cosmic event was orchestrated on June 4th, 2017 by rare living incarnation[1] Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The first effect of this event was recorded on June 21, International Yoga Day when in over 100 places there was rainfall; whereas rain was not predicted by conventional weather prediction (see article). One of the other effects predicted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda was for the healing of the Ozone layer. NASA has recently published data to this effect.

Consider the following facts published by NASA recently:

  1. The hole in ozone layer is shrinking and this year it reached its smallest peak since 1988 on September 11, 2017[2].
  2. Partly, this has been attributed to warmer global temperatures since 2016.
  3. Paul A. Newman, chief Earth scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, says that weather conditions this year favoured better ozone formation.
  4. Partly, the reduction has been attributed to reduction in emission of chlorofluorocarbons. But, they have long lifespan and will float around for another 100 years.

Event that took place on June 4th

Vedagamic tradition talks about Consciousness being the fundamental connector of the whole Multiverse. When healing is initiated at that level, the impact is bound to be quick and highly impactful.

Moods and Weather

Paramahamsa Nithyananda explained on June 4th, 2017 that Vedic Rishis used the same word “vatavarana” for the mood of human beings and the weather. This is not because of paucity of words. They have coined hundreds of words just to denote different nuances of “love”. They used the same word because both are one and the same. Changing one can change the other and vice versa.

Bridge between Moods and Weather

He went on to explain that breath is the bridge between moods and the weather. He used a technique given in the Vedic Scriptures to change the vatavarana (inside weather) and change the vatavarana (outside weather).


You can change the vatavarana inside and create amrut varsha[3] through trinetra kumbhaka. This technique is given in the Kumbhaka Paddhathi, Verse 192.

Sakruth Chandrena Chaapoorya Dhaarya Sooryena Poorayeth |

Niyamya Poorayennobhyaam Dhaarayithvaa Yathaa-Vidhi ||

Thrinethra-Kumbhakaha Prokthaha Thrinethrena Thrisiddhidhaha ||192||



Inhale through the LEFT nostril

Hold your breath as long as you can

Then without exhalation, inhale through the RIGHT nostril

Hold your breath as long as you can

Again, without exhalation, inhale through BOTH the nostrils and hold as long as you can

Then slowly exhale through the LEFT nostril

Do this for 7 minutes continuously

This powerful kumbhaka has been given directly by Sadashiva. Paramahamsa Nithyananda did this technique personally and initiated a worldwide audience of about 2000 people through video conferencing at the same time.

He did two things:

  1. He connected his third eye <insert third eye article> to the third eyes of his devotees and disciples across the world and
  2. He connected his consciousness to prakrithi (nature)

When all are connected in this fashion, and the kumbhaka is done by the Avatar along with the initiation of those sitting with him, the sankalpa (intention) to heal the nature and cause rainfall in 108 places on June 21, 2017 becomes satya sankalpa (assured happening). The amrut varsha generated thus, heals and balances the prakrithi (nature).

In his own words, “It is not just rains pouring; I am balancing the nature. I am healing Prakriti. I’m healing the nature, healing Mother Nature.”

In Vedagamic tradition, prakruti is considered as Adishakti. By showering of Amrut Varsha in the inner space of thousands, the healing of Prakriti from the abuse human beings have done will happen.

He requested her to forgive, forget and come to the space of healing herself.

He went on to add, “When you decide FOR LIFE inside you, please understand, even if it is a simple decision – you have a headache and you decide, ‘I will be free from it and I am going to clear it, I am out of it’ – even that simple decision creates a ripple in the Sun and the Moon!  Please understand, I am not teaching something superstitious.  If you decide, ‘I will come out of my headache!  I will come out of my depression!’, that decision heals the hole in the ozone layer!  It is directly related to the hole in the ozone layer, and the ozone layer is healed, Sun is healed, Moon is healed!”

The evidence is there now for everyone to see.

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[3] Amrut Varsha means triggering the third eye so it showers the nectar

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