Published On: Wed, Mar 9th, 2016

The systemetic destruction of Indian Education System

Why would you blame British? British came to rule by deception theory and British had one vision which was teach all English and destroy all Hindus study system. They just did that just like Mughal they were too busy teaching and advertising if you learn their language they get jobs and security just like Catholic missionaries if you adopt Bible we give you place to live, food, education so once one family converted they are force to bring more by visiting given home and force to meet target.

Yes after 1000 years of gulami and slavery Bharat became India divided into three. The Mughal and British left their slaves agents who are called Indians too busy to loot India and they are the one taking trillions of rupees into western world so their children can live better lives in western world.

Yes now within 100 years India cannot become what it was once up on a time. India needs people like Shivaji and Prithvi Raj Chauhan. How about Zasi Ki Rani a warrior queen. Indira Gandhi was one brave first and last no one can take her bravery and her two children Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv both were true Solders. Sanjay Gandhi knew if India have less population then Indians cannot be use for cheap labour. The corrupt society killed him so they can get slaves for cheap labour. They killed Rajiv Gandhi only to make India weak because he too was progressing forward just like his Mother but he did not have backing from his wife again read what Monika Gandhi saying about Sonia Gandhi when she came to Indian after marrying Rajiv Gandhi. This is why he got killed.

By Pankris


Source: The systemetic destruction of Indian Education System

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